Launching a new product is never easy. Marketers are faced with hundreds of considerations, limited time, limited money, and limited reach. But there are some fundamentals which, if followed, will help establish a firm foundation for a successful launch.
  1. Build a crisp, clear story in words your salesmakers use. If your content is too technical, too marketing-esque, or too convoluted, your salespeople will never convey your information the way you intended. Use plain language where possible.
  2. Test your messages. If that means hiring analysts, getting on the phone with customers, or reviewing competitors’ content, then do so. Your messages are the essential part of having your launch stand out.
  3. Provide tools your sales teams need, want, and will use. If that means reviewing content with salesmakers before going into production, then do so. Rather than guessing what your audience needs, ask them – and then deliver!
  4. Make sure your sales team is fully enabled before launch. Sales training ought to be complete. Sales toolkits ought to be easily available. They ought to know where to go to ask questions. They ought to understand how new lead generation campaigns, incentives, and management expectations will influence their behavior.