Zettabyte Content helps B2B technology leaders tell their stories in a world that’s obsessed with data, consumed by noise, and bored by dull marketing.

Hi, I’m Brian.
I’m the founder
of Zettabyte Content.

During my corporate career, I worked on regional and global marketing for a wide range of alliances, data center technologies and professional services. I’ve worked in the U.S. and Europe, led the marketing execution for a billion-dollar acquisition, and still get excited by compelling technologies that support business transformation.

I’ve been immersed in technology marketing since 2005 and I’m here to make a difference. Let me tell you a story.

One day, back in 2012, I was a Marketing Director for a Fortune 500 technology company. I was sitting at my desk next to my team, planning for the future.
We had three product launches due in eight weeks, with sixteen deliverables per launch. We needed to fix messaging that went off the rails in review cycles. We had to create presentations for three events, organize sales trainings, create an email marketing campaign, update the web site, handle a few dozen ad hoc requests — and probably deal with an executive curveball or two – while innovating, creating, and working with other teams.

That was our life and I was stressed. We were slammed and needed help. How could we get ahead?

We had an agency of course, and they were great. But we needed to go above and beyond their capabilities.

Again and again, they struggled to offer the support we needed on content, campaigns, and consulting.

  • Why couldn’t our agency create the content we needed?
  • Why couldn’t they define, develop, and deliver a campaign?
  • Why were they so limited on messaging, strategy and planning?

The answer was simple. Our products, markets, and requirements were too complex. We were innovating in a niche market, dealing with a very complicated sales cycle, and our prospects had seriously developed BS detectors.How could we get the help we needed?

As a Marketing Director, I didn’t have an answer that made me happy. Which is why I created something new.

Zettabyte Content came out of my needs, out of my frustrations, out of my hopes for something better.

I was constantly searching for marketing expertise. I needed writers and marketers that deeply understood my market, that knew how to create, and were able to sit side by side with my team and make a difference.

I couldn’t find the help I needed, but now you can, because I created a solution for your problems.

We concentrate on creating content, managing programs, and supporting your team. We tell your stories in ways others can’t. We have access to specialist writers, designers, PR experts, and researchers to make your marketing better.

And unlike a generalist agency, we don’t work with just anyone. We work with a relative handful of customers at a time, making sure that everyone gets hands-on attention. Maybe that’s why our customers tend to stick around for years.

But beyond those differences, we serve a few specific technologies, specializing in IT, edge, cloud, SaaS and professional services ONLY.

That lets us have a deep understanding of your market.

  • We talk to your prospects every week as we interview them for case studies and white papers.
  • We sit around and wonder why Gartner Magic Quadrants look a little off this go-around.
  • We evaluate whether this composable infrastructure or microservice offering will succeed.

We also only work with leaders who want to move the needle. Our customers want to go farther and faster to accelerate success. Our customers have a singular focus on shifting the status quo, disrupting current thinking and moving beyond old expectations. Just like we do.

And we’re focused on value. If you’re not satisfied, neither are we.

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