So we have some big life changing news over here…

I’m happy to share that I’ve hired Leah Neal, my wife, to start a new position as #Content Advisor at Zettabyte Content, specializing in public sector technologies.


She’s certainly not the only one…but this #pandemiclife reset our priorities in a major way. She gained an entirely new perspective about what she wanted life to look like – and a big part of that was finding more #joy and #love in her work. Trying to chip away at the boulder of big organizational life just didn’t have the pleasure it used to.

She also wanted to deliver more value. As a leader in state and local government agencies, she’s been marketed to by every vendor under the sun. We realized that she’s developed a keen understanding of how to gain attention and interest from public sector leaders, and we wanted her to leverage that knowledge to help companies with a difference connect, relate, and succeed.

For ten years, I’ve been building and growing Zettabyte Content into one of the few content #marketingagencies that specializes in complex data center and cloud technologies. We work with leading data center and cloud companies around the world, and now, with Leah’s help, we’re opening a new line of business, helping software companies market into the public sector with briefs, blog posts, articles, case studies and other marketing resources.

So now we have a family owned consultancy, Austin based, that’s going from strength to strength. Fortunately, Leah’s no stranger to the joy and pain of a family business…in fact we love promoting the business her great grandparents started which is now in its 4th generation: Aunt Sally’s Pralines in New Orleans, Louisiana.

And now, we’re both really excited to bring her #txst MPA and experience in state and local government to our family business.

If you need #software, #data center, #cloud, or #publicsector marketing, please come see us. Customers get pralines for the holidays, so it’s a great time to sign up!