Watching a tech startup come out of stealth is often interesting, from a marketing perspective.

Some come out with a brand presence that looks bootstrapped, rough and ready, maybe not entirely thought out.

Some of them toe the line of corporate look and feel — with careful attention to fonts and color palette, probably mostly blue, maybe orange.

Some of them have a distinctive polish and swagger, where they’re influenced by B2C design trends.

And then some of them just look…well, different, to say the least.

I caught news of 22dot6 this morning and went to take a look at their site.

Have to say, I’m kind of digging their willingness to do something different.

For starters, they have a robot. Not everyone does.

They have a Star Wars crawl.

Their site is about as bare bones as possible.

They’re got references to physics.

And they’re using the word “transcendent” to describe storage. Trying to breakaway from tired adjectives toward compelling metaphor always deserves respect.

Fair play to them for taking a marketing risk, it suggests out of the box thinking.

I’m not sure the product can deliver, as we all know how startups can be, but I appreciate the gumption, the willingness to try something different, and even, maybe, a sense of enthusiasm.

Good luck 22dot6. Keep on keeping on.