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Promoting the World’s First Premium Private Cloud

Promoting the world's first premium cloud

Since 2016, Cloudistics, a second round startup, has lived on the forefront of a third wave of cloud technologies that solve problems other technologies can’t. Working together for eighteen months, Zettabyte Content helped to re-message, rebrand, and relaunch marketing for their premium private cloud platform.


“Brian and Zettabyte came in and immediately started delivering value at all levels of marketing, from strategic conversations all the way to quick, efficient execution. There’s no question that we couldn’t have done half the marketing we did in 2018 without their support.”

Christopher Myhill

CMO, Cloudistics

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Repositioning themselves in the market to better compete with established vendors
  • Reworking messaging and branding without enough internal resources
  • Reworking their entire website design and content
  • Driving marketing and sales enablement at the same time
  • Building a collateral library to train sales and channel partners while attracting and educating prospects.

Initial Engagements

  • Contributing to and guiding a messaging workshop
  • Building a brand message/tone/voice/style guide for the organization
  • Supporting and editing sales presentations
  • Developing, testing, editing and revising all their web content.

Ongoing Engagements

  • Owning marketing content – blogs, case studies, datasheets, solution briefs, articles
  • Consulting on marketing strategy and content direction
  • Supporting executives with content editing, repurposing, and positioning
  • Building email marketing campaigns aimed at different verticals and personas
  • Providing content for account based marketing.

Proven Results

After successful customer engagements and a technology partnership with a Fortune 500 technology company, Cloudistics was acquired by Fungible, with the aim of accelerating the development of composable hyperdisaggregated data center infrastructure.

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Promoting the World’s First Premium Private Cloud

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