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Zettabyte Content is an Austin-based content marketing agency specializing in data center, cloud and public sector software.

What we do

We build customer-centric content that drives engagement and revenue for data center, cloud and public sector software.

Content Strategy

We start each new partnership with an in-depth discovery phase to understand your business and customers inside and out. We’ll develop a content strategy that complements and supports your internal marketing team and define engagement goals.

Content Creation

Anything written as a service—we do it. With access to our B2B and public sector software experts, you’ll be able to deliver the content your audience needs quickly and affordably.

  • Blog articles
  • Website & landing page content
  • ABM Emails
  • Solution briefs & white papers
  • eBooks
  • Case studies
Corporate Storytelling

A shiny new logo is not much without a compelling story about your brand. We provide positioning and messaging execution for products, services and corporate-level.

Who we work with

Since 2012, Zettabyte has helped startups and Fortune 500 companies sidestep competitive noise.

Who we are

Inexperience is costly. Zettabyte offers more than 200 years of combined expertise in marketing, content development, and technology.


Brian excelled consulting on our recent product launch. He internalized our strategy and tactics, executed essential launch deliverables with minimal input, managed additional contractors, provided unexpected improvements, and achieved everything before the deadline. I will use Brian again and I recommend him for your marketing consulting projects.

Kim McMahon NetApp
Kim McMahon

I was lucky enough to work with Brian on many projects and he approached them all with the same attitude of enthusiasm and detail. A great team player and superb execution.

Iain Davie VMware
Iain Davie

Brian understands what the field and sales people are looking for from marketing, he has a strong grasp of the underlying technology, and he has the marketing sense to put it all together in a package that helps drive the business forward.

Dan Mroz Cloudistics
Dan Mroz

His strong technical focus, combined with attention to detail and an easy communication style really made him a strong asset to support a sales organization. Brian conducts himself professionally with the highest of integrity and remains calm under pressure.

Ciara Lyons

Brian is the ideal person you want to work with: knowledgeable, understands priorities and what is just distraction, customer-focus, how to get things done – the right way, collaborative, understands how to craft a story that will resonate and he brings a wealth of perspective across geographies, technologies and user pains and benefits.

Greg White Commvault
Greg White

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